Enventys Fall Newsletter

Company newsletters are so fun to write, especially when you work for the company and they’re trying to show off how fun and creative they are and pretty much give you free reign. At Enventys, we decided that the designers should get to have a little fun too, so I worked with a different designer on each newsletter. (This also explains why none of them look even remotely the same). This one was designed by the super tall, super talented Alexa Adams.


Read the copy here:

[su_spoiler title=”Double Super Secret Branding Revelation” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

Chances are if you’ve spoken to us within the past year or so we ever so casually mentioned some huge projects we were working on for Dale Jr. We really couldn’t get too specific about them right then, but trust us, they were big. Well guess what, it wasn’t all lies! You could read all about it in the manifesto we created to help JR Motorsports communicate Dale Jr.’s brand, but then what’s the fun of putting out a newsletter? [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Viva Voodoo Ride” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

Boogity, boogity, boogity! A year ago we didn’t know what it meant either. But just look at us now! It all started with a new car care product that worked like magic but was a bit lacking in the branding department.

We put our skills together and came up with Voodoo Ride, an edgy new  brand that suits #88 to a T. Lead designer Jason Gammon created some killer packaging and collateral that will literally jump off store shelves  and hurl themselves at your head; that’s the kind of impact they have. Jason flew to Vegas for the big VDR launch at the SEMA show. He came for the thrill of design, he stayed for the 48 oz steak. Live the dream, Jason! [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Faster Than a Turtle, Stronger than a Mouse…” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

Long before Ugly Betty, there was El Chapulin: a man in a grasshopper suit. So, when drywall manufacturer National Gypsum wanted to reach Hispanic contractors and construction workers, we suggested using El Chapulin to get their message across. Before we knew it we were designing a national guerilla marketing campaign with in-store displays, lunch trucks, ads, t-shirts and stickers. Ms. Galvez from high school Spanish would be so proud. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Chocolate Rain” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

FACT: the creative team is both more creative and more teamy when there’s chocolate involved. So when Palmer Chocolates and JR Motorsports asked us to help brand Dale Jr.’s new candy bar, we had just one question: would there be samples? To our delight, there would, and said challenge was formally accepted.

We named and designed the packaging and POP displays for the newly dubbed Big Mo’ candy bar and helped name and oversee the “Your Big Mo’ment with Dale Jr.” sweepstakes. Be sure to look for Big Mo’ in stores because we’re not sharing the stash we’ve got in the office no matter how nicely you ask. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Our Summer Vacation” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

For most of the creative team, summer was spent mainly in the office. Ron and Juan on the other hand, hightailed it down to Mexico with Enventys’ Latino Marketing Services crew to help promote Comex Paints’ sponsorship of Chivas, the US offshoot of the popular Mexican soccer team.

The el gang-o helped direct a commercial and radio spots AND created a ridiculously popular fan experience for the game where the Comex/Chivas jerseys were revealed. Que Bueno! Donde está la biblioteca! [/su_spoiler]

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