National Gypsum “Exciting Walls” B2B Radio

Targeting contractors and builders, this spot used a universal truth — that drywall is, well, dry and boring  — to change perceptions and increase brand awareness among business owners and specifiers in the building and construction space.

National Gypsum Radio
Exciting Walls :30


Let’s talk drywall. A subject so exciting the word dry is *literally* in its name.

I mean, clients are always like, yeah forget paint color let’s talk about the part of my wall no one will ever see.

Then you’re like, but really let’s talk about high-performance *PURPLE* drywall from National Gypsum.

And they’re like, YEAH I want to prevent moisture, mold and mildew, YEAH I want to reduce sound travel. YEAH I want to prevent holes.

And then they’re like maybe they should call drywall, exciting wall. And you’re like yeah, you get it.

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